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The Caves

A cave is a hole that has been made in soluble terrains by infiltrating waters. Generally, the solube terrain is lime-stone as is the case of Saint-Elzear. Undergroung solution and transport start along faults of joint planes and underground chambers usually develop before a sizable opening is made to the surface  by collapsing. In the case of the  Saint-Elzéar cave, there is a vertical entrance that has a diameter of about 3 meters and that narrows down to a little more than one meter, ending on a rock ledge at a depth of about 13 meters.

Then there is a large chamber, where the mound has accumulated to a depth of about 8 meters. There are other corridors and chambers for a total length of perhaps 80 meters.   There is secondary chamber where bears bone has accumulated in several stratigraphic level in a shallow pit.

These bears were possibly alive when they reached the bottom of the pit and whandered in the dark before dying from hunger.